Rogue Alliance

A group by fans for fans, Rogue Alliance was founded by performers with more than 10 years experience in lightsabers stage combat, to bring far away galaxies close to home in a way other groups can't. Our performances blend varied genres into a familiar science fiction setting, featuring characters inspired by and incorporating elements from numerous sources while keeping a familiar feel. This blending of genres and tones, ranging from Shakespeare to Westerns to Film Noir, makes each show to be a one of a kind experience that sets us apart from the crowd.

The Lightsaber not as clumsy or random as a blaster, An elegant weapon for a more civilized age. The ancient art of the lightsaber is available to all that seek such knowledge. The Rogue Alliance will be teaching the ways of the lightsaber, from strikes and blocks , to Lightsaber forms. Visit the Rogue Alliance throughout the weekend for an available workshop in the art of the saber, and take your first steps into a much larger world. Your Destiny Awaits. 

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